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The proceedings of the first conference on LMFDB, Computation, and Number Theory (LuCaNT) will be published in an open access volume of Contemporary Mathematics. We encourage anyone with research related to mathematical databases or computation to submit a paper. The suggested length for papers is no more than 20-25 pages, excluding references. However, longer papers will also be considered.

Papers will go through a peer review process. In addition, any developed code should be placed in a publicly available repository such as GitHub to be available to the reviewers (to help improve the quality, accessibility, re-usability, and reproducibility of the code and data).

It is not required that an accepted paper be presented at the conference but from among the accepted papers a select list of speakers will be invited to give talks at the first LuCaNT conference, which will take place at ICERM, July 10-14, 2023.

We are no longer accepting submissions (the deadline was January 22, 2023). We thank all the authors who submitted papers that we now look forward to reading! We anticipate final decisions by May 2023.

Queries should be directed to